Equipment Book Inside Look

No matter what gear you need, you will find it in the Dystopia 23 Equipment book. With over 290 pages of gear the Equipment book lets you walk the razor’s edge with confidence. No respectable razor-walker would be seen dead without some serious, kickass tech to back them up. Whether you need a Steel Panther combat drone, Nanite Facial Feature Alteration, combat stims or an implanted personal area network, you can find it here. The Equipment book has an enormous array of covert equipment, armour, Nexus technology, robots, drones and survival equipment. It’s massive collection of vehicles and vehicle upgrades will turn your jetpack, car or autogyro into a modified street beast. It has more weapons than you can shake a stick at, with detailed weapon tables that provide customised capabilities for different brands of guns. Choosing your weapon is about customising your kit to the job at hand and optimising your gear for the sprawls. You can use custom ammo, explosives, chemicals, artisan weapons or modern nano powered melee weapons. But maybe that’s not enough! Can you really get by on the streets without your Reflex Stimulators, Ultra Fast-Twitch Fibres, geared up Cyberarm and Bunny Juice? The Equipment book has a huge variety of human enhancement technologies. From Cyberlegs and Wraithsight, that lets you see through walls, through to Neural Boosters, Haemoglobin Replicators and a Wetwired Molecular Difference Engine. Be ready to hit the streets with the latest bleeding edge tech.

Weapon Tables Inside Look

Below are a few examples of the weapon tables included in the game. The completed Equipment book contains more than 100 such tables. Each table describes all the characteristics of the individual weapon in detail. Tohit modifiers, Critical bonuses and Armour Penetration factors are all characterised according to range. You will find information about firing modes, magazine capacity, aim bonuses, recoil modifiers and more. These tables were designed to create an immersive game experience where each character can have his or her own customised arsenal of weapons.
In Dystopia 23 there is no super weapon that every character wants to the exclusion of all others. Rather, it is about choosing the right tool for the job. In many instances a pistol is going to be preferred over longer and more powerful weapons due to its low recoil, fast aim and excellent close range modifiers. Many of the brand-name weapons also have special characteristics which make them very useful for specific situations.