Rulebook Inside Look

The Core Rulebook contains all the rules necessary to play Dystopia 23 – The Razor’s Edge. It contains over 350 pages of material detailing all the rules for gameplay. Create bad ass characters capable of hacking into dangerous virtual Nexus nodes, breaking into highly secure corp facilities and unloading a fury of lead into unruly gangbangers. Learn the rules for making skill checks, and undertaking combat with a huge variety of weapons from specialised martial arts styles, pistols, submachineguns and rifles through to cutting-edge energy weapons, grenades and even artillery. Create exciting, memorable chases with in-depth rules for vehicles and vehicle combat, whether you are a pedestrian, on the back of a motorbike, driving a big rig or hanging out the window of an autogyro. Understand the intricate world of digital technology so that you can use a pirate connector to hack the PIC of a mark, take control of a security drone or engage in avatar to avatar Nexus combat. Master the security measures used by corrupt megacorporations so that you can bypass their electronic countermeasures and nab their precious data. The Dystopia 23 Core Rulebook is the essential component for interacting with the world of the 23rd century.