What is Dystopia 23 The Razors Edge?

Two hundred years in the future… a monolithic economic collapse… mass worldwide poverty and corruption… malevolent
mega corporations… an epic struggle for survival… are you ready to walk the Razor’s Edge?

Dystopia 23 is a spine tingling, nail-biting journey into the near future. Following a catastrophic economic collapse in the early 21st century, humanity has been thrown into disarray. Nations have perished and been reborn in new guises. Poverty is the new normal and people live in massive urban landscapes known as sprawls. Crime is rampant and everyday life is a struggle for survival. Massive megacorporations have corrupted the world with their colossal power and influence. Only you can make a difference, if you have the nerve to walk the razor’s edge.

Dystopia 23 is a role-playing game based in the dark, dystopian, near future. The game utilises an original role-playing system that has been over a decade in development. Each player assumes the role of a character. And each character has a remarkable skill set, rich backstory and set of goals that they wish to achieve. Characters come together to form a mercenary company and then take on a variety of jobs, some legal, some not so legal, in order to achieve their goals. They are a team of specialists but their phenomenal skill sets make them a force to be reckoned with. Will you choose to combat evil megacorporations, bring down criminal syndicates and fight terrorism and injustice or are you just in it for the money? The choice is yours.

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