Dystopia 23 Primer

Condensed rules and mission to give you an introduction to the game of Dystopia 23 - The Razors Edge. This product is available for FREE so that you can try out the game before you purchase it. This downloadable PDF is a 124 page book containing a full mission and the fundamental rules to get you started playing Dystopia 23.

Mission Synopsis: taking place in Chicago at the beginning of the 23rd century, Shell Games is a four act mission centred around a mystery that must be solved. At the opening of the Janus Tower, GenaTec’s bright new star on the Chicago skyline, something sinister is afoot. Characters must investigate this incident to get to the bottom of a clandestine plot.

  • Introduction to Dystopia 23
  • Condensed rules and mission
  • 124 page PDF
  • Contains a 4 act mission based in 23rd century Chicago

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